The Sweaty Traveler Podcast

The Sweaty Traveler Podcast


The Sweaty Traveler Podcast is hosted by Mack, a 20 something female solo traveler. Tired of the picture-perfect Instagram travel photos? Want to know more about the real and raw sides of travel? You’ve come to the right place. She doesn’t know everything and she hasn’t been everywhere, but Mack brings you guests who have traveled the world and run into many mishaps along the way. They make travel mistakes so you don’t have to. So hit play, grab yourself a bowl of popcorn, and get ready to laugh while getting some serious wanderlust. Ready? Let’s get Sweaty…

Welcome back to another Episode of the Sweaty Traveler Podcast!

Let’s put our hands together for this week’s guest Autumn Theodore, a name so cool I wasn’t even sure if it was real.

In this week’s episode, we dive into…

– Solo Female Travel- what you learn about yourself when you travel solo and Autumn’s tip for planning your first trip!
– Autumn’s sweatiest travel stories
– What actually is “The Pink Palace?” (Find it here).
– Planning trips and saving money
– What to do when strangers catch you taking pictures of them

It’s a great episode and I already know you’ll love Autumn.

Are ya ready? Let’s get sweaty!

Check out Autumn’s travel pics on @thesweatytraveler

Find Autumn’s Photography page here and be sure to check out her website!

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