The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur

The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur


Travel Industry Disruptors welcome! In this weekly podcast, I share, along with featured guests, the actual strategies that will keep your travel business moving forward. We discuss foundations, marketing, sales, client experience, systems, supplier relations, and everything in between to empower you to run an effective and profitable travel business, and not just another travel hobby.

Is everything a learning experience to you? Because it is for me 🙂

And that’s why I had to share what I learned from working merch at my local theater and how many things relate to sales in general, and especially in our travel industry. We are after all, selling travel, or selling our travel services.

In this episode, I discuss:

· Confidence in pricing and having a product mix

· Being where your clients and referral partners are

· How networking opens doors to new opportunities

· and so much more!

Enjoy (and take action)!

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