The Divergent Path with Rollie Peterkin

The Divergent Path with Rollie Peterkin


My name is Rollie Peterkin and this is The Divergent Path. I am here to share the stories of people who have chosen an alternative path in life and taken risks. I hope you’re as inspired by their stories as I am.

While the rest of us couch potatoes binged Netflix and drank beer during the quarantine, Mark Larson thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail during the corona pandemic. Being an experienced endurance athlete, Mark finished in 3.5 months (107 days), when most people take around 6 months to finish the grueling trail.

The Appalachian Trail has been a lifelong dream of mine and I was extremely curious about all of the preparation, logistics, equipment, lodging, wildlife encounters, and physical strain. So I grilled Mark like an FBI interrogator until he answered every one of my questions.

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