Postcard Academy Travel Podcast

Postcard Academy Travel Podcast


Insider food, culture, and travel advice from women who packed up everything and moved across the world. Host Sarah Mikutel, an American expat based in the U.K., explores how to have more meaningful travel experiences and how to make living abroad a reality.

In the last episode of the Postcard Academy, you learned how to become an expat in Panama. In this episode, you’ll learn why.

David Gold is back to share what’s kept him in Panama City for more than a decade. Coffee, chocolate, and beach lover’s…this one’s for you.

You’ll also learn about Panama’s history, including the infamous canal.

You’ve heard of the Panama Canal, but do you know why it matters? You will after this episode. You’ll also hear about everything you need to eat, drink, and do in Panama City and beyond.

OK, time for our tour of Panama.

Hi, I’m your host, Sarah Mikutel, an American expat based in England. Fancy starting your own podcast? Visit to learn how I can help you. I’m on Insta if you want to say hi.

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