My Black is Transnational

My Black is Transnational


A podcast about Blackness and how (re)connecting back to our native homeland(s) and connecting with our fellow Black people all across the globe, while also benefiting from the land we currently live in, could be good for your lives. As Black people, we have the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, this podcast shows you how and why.

Season 3 kicks offs with a quick recap of Season 2 (0:00 – 9:33) and Dr. Ibe-Lamberts sets the stage for what Season 3 will bring and also addresses the lack of changes in the world as 2020 remains one of the worst years in the history of civilization. Because Black Transnationals have another place to call home, does that mean that they have less to worry about? How are the current issues today perceived by someone who belongs to two worlds?

That and more!

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