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Hike: Explore | Wander | Live


Hike is a podcast that shares the stories of people and places that inspire us to explore, wander, and live.

Annie Lang brings together her love for the outdoors with her background in graphic design to create the Northern Michigan based small business Compass Paper Co. This year Compass Paper Co expanded from their online based stationary business to open a shanty in historic Fishtown of Leland, Michigan. Annie chats with Lori about what inspired her to start her own business, which also produces environmental conscious products that use vegetable based inks and recycled paper. Compass Paper Co’s products are guaranteed to bring smiles to you and whoever you gift them to, and that means a lot in times where there’s a lot of serious things going on in the world. Annie also shares some interesting hikes to explore when checking out Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Greater Leelanau area.

Connect with Compass Paper Co:
Website: Compass Paper Co
Instagram: @compasspaperco

Visit the shop in Fishtown from May – October

Hikes to explore near/in Sleeping Bear Dunes:
Pyramid Point Trail – Sleeping Bear Dunes
Bohemian Beach
Bay View Trail – Sleeping Bear Dunes

Connect with Lori:
Instagram: @thehikepodcast
Twitter: @thehikepodcast
Blog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.com
Facebook: @thehikepodcast
Email: hikepodcast@gmail.com

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