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Mark Philpott talks to people from across the world about their inspirational, motivational and at times, life changing experiences.

Will Parker is a man who is used to adventures. After all he has driven the entire way around the continent of Australia on three separate occasions.

In this episode we join Will with his epic adventure with his family as they set out and accomplish a twelve month road trip across the United States of America.

In this enthralling episode Will shares with us his tips on behind finding the right type to do such a trip, the costs involved and how long it took to plan this life changing adventure.

We get to hear about the amazing places Will and his family visited, and we also find out what states they missed and long to return to explore.

If you are looking to do any kind of extensive road tripping then this is the man who can help you prepare and provide some useful tips on how to best spend your time and experience on the road if you are traveling with your family.

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