Beautiful Baggage

Beautiful Baggage


This is a show about the amazing ways we benefit when we move through the world with a sense of adventure and wonder. We call these benefits “Beautiful Baggage”. When we learn to collect this kind of baggage — life lessons and memories that are positive, healthy, and expansive — we can leverage it in countless ways to become healthier, more confident, and more creative. In this podcast series, former broadcast journalist and lifetime travel enthusiast Stephanie Martin Taylor shares her stories, tools, and tips for enjoying this rich and vibrant way of living and learning. What “Beautiful Baggage” are you collecting? Come listen, learn, and share with the online community! Who says you have to be a talkative extrovert to live a bold and powerful life? Today we’re talking about the softer side of power. Further explorationOne of my life’s biggest “aha” moments? Reading “Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”. Read more about the book and the author, Susan Cain at ( For a quick introduction to the idea of “soft power”, watch Susan Cain’s TED Talk here (

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