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Pop Your Cultural Cherry


From making friends in Europe to seeing snow for the first time; The Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast aims to give listeners a unique perspective on life in Europe with an Asian/Filipino twist.

Looking for a new job is always tough, but it gets even tougher if you are looking for a new job abroad. If you’re plotting a life in a new country with no network, no knowledge of the labor market, how do you actually begin your job hunt?

In this episode, we are joined by Chiara Cokieng, who is a fellow Filipino based in Germany. She is currently a Product Manager in Berlin. Simultaneously she also runs Gen Propel, which is an online cohort-based course that focuses on job hunting skills that could help people find work in a new country.

You can learn more about Chiara through her website here https://www.chiaracokieng.com/ and if you’re interested in participating in her course, you can check out https://genpropel.com/

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