The Animals at Home Podcast

The Animals at Home Podcast


The Animals at Home Network is a nature-based podcast network and is currently the home of two separate podcast programs: The Animals at Home Podcast hosted by Dillon Perron and Animals Everywhere hosted by Bryce Broom. If you have a passion for animals, then you are going to love this network! Each show on the network brings all members of the animal community, from pet hobbyists to wildlife experts, together under one roof to discuss anything and everything animal-related. Listen to experts talk about reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, and everything in between with the topics ranging from breeding, pet husbandry, scientific research, wildlife conservation, and more!

Tanner Serpa of SerpaDesign is one of the most well know herpetoculture-related channels on YouTube. In this episode, we discuss the art of herpetoculture, how to create dramatic and visually appealing vivaria, how Tanner got started with vivarium building and YouTube, creating a stunning animal room, and much more!


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