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Dinosaur of the day Turiasaurus, a sauropod from Spain which is probably the largest known dinosaur from Europe.

In dinosaur news this week:

– A new massive neck of a titanosaur found in Argentina rivals the largest dinosaurs ever found
– Three bones from NW New Mexico show evidence of tyrannosaurid cannibalism
– In Colorado, an 8th grader found a T. Rex tooth while hiking in Boulder County
– The titanosaur known as the “dinosaur of Mato Grosso” was recovered from the ruins of the National Museum of Brazil
– The Tiny Titans dinosaur exhibit is at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (and online)
– Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is now The Montana Dinosaur Center and they are planning their digs for this summer
– Brookfield Zoo in Illinois has its animatronic “Dinosaurs Everywhere” exhibit again
– Six Flags New England in Massachusetts has pivoted from roller coasters to dinosaurs with a new outdoor exhibit
– In Arundel, Maine, Raptor Falls Mini Golf and Ice Cream is reopening on May Day
– A vacation home in Florida is fully dinosaur themed, possibly too much so
– The latest issue of The Flash includes a speedster Velociraptor

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