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Hear from leading entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators who share slow stories—and big ideas—about living, working, and creating in our digital age. Hosted by Rachel Schwartzmann.

How do you define beauty? Where does beauty come from? Why is beauty important? For Ella Frances Sanders, these questions take center stage in her latest book, Everything, Beautiful, an artful guide that encourages readers to “find hidden beauty in the world.”

With elegant prose and calming illustrations, Everything, Beautiful provokes deeper inquiry into how we’ve come to understand beauty and our potential to see it anew. But off the page, Ella also understands that it can be difficult to envision where beauty fits into our demanding schedules, grief, and longing. Ultimately, Everything, Beautiful makes the case to pay attention to and embrace the little things—even when it seems impossible.

In this interview, Ella shared more about her path to making Everything, Beautiful, how beauty manifests for her online and offline, and the importance of reflecting on questions and answers. This episode also opens with a story by Tree Abraham.

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