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Show notes: 65 Implicit bias, we all have it with Lachlan Slade

This is the second episode of a multi-part series examining gender and sexuality. In this episode we look at implicit bias.

About your guest Lachlan Slade

Lachlan, (he/they) is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. He has worked in the space for about 12 years now in various spaces with LGBTIQA+ and trauma work.

Lachlan Slade grew up in Shepparton studying in Albury Wodonga, and Bendigo to complete their Social Work degree. Lachlan cofounded the Out in the Open Festival, Shepparton’s first LGBTIQ+ Community Festival. Lachlan has dabbled in Community Radio, and Politics.

Work with Lachlan

Upcoming events Neutralising Queerphobia workshop, in Kannygoopna (Shepparton) as part of Out in the Open Festival, tix at The workshop explores implicit bias, ambient trauma and Allyship.

Lachlan’s LGBTIQA+ focused Group Supervision sessions:


Instagram: @lachlan_listens

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