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That SOCIAL WORK Lady, Season 2 is dedicated to providing a platform for Black women to share stories from their lived experience. If mediocre white men are given platforms to spew whatever whenever about nothing at all, shouldn’t Black women be given the opportunity to talk about their lives, dispel myths about the stereotypes, and laugh? Of course they should. Listen to the THAT SOCIAL WORK LADY Podcast. We’re building community. Here is where you belong.

Abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. Why then is something so basic at the heart of so many toxic conversations?

Episode 43 brings a topic that is very dear to my heart – bodily autonomy. It’s time we reframe the abortion conversation as a discussion about right to privacy and bodily autonomy. Any other approach to this conversation is problematic and grounded in patriarchal toxicity. American citizens with the capacity for pregnancy deserve to be able to make medical decisions about their bodies with the guidance of medical care professions of their choosing without the interference of people who are ignorant to the actual functions of the female reproduction system.

Learn more about the facts on abortion and reproductive health:

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