amplifying ukrainian voices and decolonizing ukraine conversations. we see millions of ukrainians with perfect english sharing their stories across all social media platforms. yet, the conversations about ukraine are still dominated by foreign, mostly white, and mostly male folks. not only it continuously robs ukrainians of their agency, but it also perpetuates outdated, misleading, and false narratives about ukraine and ukrainians. we want to foster a relaxed, safe, and chill space for ukrainian voices to express themselves without needing to fit into foreign boxes Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ukrainianspaces/support

this battle is not only about our land. it is about our values, our identity, and our right to proudly manifest who we are. facing genocidal evil that is trying to assimilate us, Ukrainians resist by doubling down on our diversity, creativity, and belief that we can build a better world. for this one, we feature Alice Zhuravel, a proud mixed Ukrainian, a wartime artist making brilliant things at the nexus of tech and media, and the founder of Tozhsamist, a Ukrainian creative collective.

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