Ami Tuckered Out

Ami Tuckered Out


A podcast interviewing South Asian trailblazers, experts, and prominent voices around the world. We discuss growing up brown, personal and professional journeys, and topics we could never talk about in front of those aunties and uncles we grew up with.

Nish Acharya is a Senior Fellow, Inclusive Economic Growth at the Clinton Foundation. He is also one of the OG Indian-Americans who has worked with two different presidents during his career.

Nish leads Equal Innovation, which advises some of the world’s leading universities, governments, foundations and companies to assist them with innovation, entrepreneurship and globalization strategies. The Clinton Foundation is becoming a platform for new voices, emerging communities and finding economic development models to include in international policy discussions.

We talk about all the work that CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) is doing and what it was like to bring the band back together this year, his takeaways from working with President Clinton and Obama, how Diwali has become mainstream, and he shares some pivotal middle school moments that defined his identity as Indian-American.

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