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Feminist Frequency Radio is coming for your media. Each week, Anita Sarkeesian and Kat Spada invite you to listen in on their entertaining and stimulating conversations about films, games, and TV—from the latest blockbusters to classic hidden gems, and more. They’ll be bringing their distinctly different feminist perspectives to the mix as they celebrate and critique it all. With special guests including media critics, entertainers, academics, and everyone in between, Feminist Frequency Radio is there to help you dig deeper into the things you love. Warning: Feminist Frequency Radio may significantly enhance your media experience.

Welcome to the first episode of a mini-season of pop culture goodness! Today Anita, Kat, and returning special guest Annalee Newitz are talking about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the most recent of the MCU’s forays into television series. Created by Jessica Gao and starring Tatiana Maslany, the show brings to the screen a character introduced to comics in 1980: lawyer Jennifer Walters. After an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, she transforms, developing Hulk-like superpowers similar to his. Listen in as we discuss the critical, as well as the social, reception of the series, along with our own thoughts on what unique takes and perspectives She-Hulk adds to the bulk of film and television comic book adaptations.

CW: She-Hulk contains depictions of online harassment, violence, and sexual assault, so please listen to our conversation with caution.

Time Stamps:

52:30 – What’s your Freq Out?

– Kat on the FreeVee series High School
– Anita on the 2011 film Weekend directed by Andrew Haigh
– Annalee on the AMC series Interview with the Vampire (2022)

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– eff.org
– Anita’s new show on Nebula: https://nebula.tv/thattimewhen

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– https://twitter.com/annaleen
– website: https://www.techsploitation.com
– podcast: https://www.ouropinionsarecorrect.com/

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