Come Get Your White People

Come Get Your White People


“Come Get Your White People” is a podcast for the change agent at their wit’s end. You’re dedicated to dismantling White Supremacy, but tired of arguing with your loved ones, friends, neighbors, strangers at the gas station, and damn near everyone else about the fact that anti-Blackness is a REAL thing. Your effort seems to be in vain and you’re running out of arguments and fire, right? GOOD. Your arguments sucked anyway. No shade…slight shade. How do I know? Because I’m an anti-oppressive coach who has spent the past 15 years standing in rooms making liberation a tangible goal for thousands of White-identified and White-assimilated folx. I’ve heard every counter-argument there is and I’ve crushed them all. Let me guide you to better language and compelling arguments for a better world. Learn more at Follow @startbytaking on Instagram and Facebook

Wanda discusses failing and why it is necessary in anti-oppressive work. She encourages you to get comfortable with that “oh shit” feeling as you practice liberation for a better world for us all.

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