Edge of the Couch

Edge of the Couch


Two good friends and experienced therapists explore the topics that were either shied away from or dismissed because they were too big, too nuanced, too risky, or too uncomfortable to address in school or even in supervision. We want to inspire and encourage new therapists to think more deeply, show up more fully, and find humour and self-compassion in navigating the messier parts of being a therapist.

We are joined by Jennifer Hollinshead, the clinical director at @peakresilience, a therapist/supervisor and all around cool person who is going to be talking about what supervisees deserve from their supervisors. She shares her personal (and theory backed) approach to supervision that emphasizes the relationship above all else, how supervisees can make the most out of their supervision time, and how to re-affirm our faith in supervision after we’ve graduated and moved beyond practicum experiences.

Jennifer Hollinshead

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Edge of the Couch
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