Cheaper Than Therapy with Vanessa and Dené

Cheaper Than Therapy with Vanessa and Dené


Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan are two soul sisters and therapists who connected over their shared love of depth psychology—known as the psychology of the soul. It is a template for diving beneath the surface to examine the complex natures of being human while on the quest for wholeness, including the relationship to spirit. Through their training and lived experiences with depth, yogic psychology, and mindfulness, they developed a passion for supporting others in living their most authentic lives while cultivating a fulfilling and rich relationship with the Self, capital “S.”

Every Wednesday, Vanessa and Dené look to demystify, de-stigmatize, and desensitize what goes on both inside the therapy room and in daily life, through soul-provoking conversations with fellow seekers, thought leaders, changemakers, and real people during live coaching sessions as they navigate the hard work it takes to be a human.

This podcast is, for sure, Cheaper Than Therapy.

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