This Show is All About You

This Show is All About You


Welcome to This Show is All About You hosted by JDK Wyneken – author, historian, poet, and social commentator with lots to say on lots of things. Join him every week as he explores what it means to be you, by hearing about him and his take on the world around us as found in history, current affairs, literature, media, sports, and whatever else there is to explore. Take what you want from JDK’s unique outlook and good humor, all with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, personal connection, and strategic irreverence for the Way Things Are Usually Done. Episode 91: “Just Another Day? Yes, and No Way” JDK talks about all the remarkable events – some well known, others not-so-much, really – that have happened on this date in history. It’s a fun way to learn more about the past, yes, but also about ourselves when we look at the history of ANY day of a given year. Take a listen and give it a try in your own life!

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