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At Think3D we believe that we can better the world, by improving people’s lives by changing the way they work. We spend every day pushing the idea that “A culture will emerge whether intended or not and if it’s not one that you invest in it will certainly be one that you pay for.” On this podcast, you’ll find a healthy balance of motivational, educational, and just plain fun content. We believe that there is a better way and that we can, and should – do work better.

Many of us have heard of the “Lost Boys” from the second civil war in Sudan. But not many are aware there were girls involved as well. Achut Deng is one of those girls.

“Hope is not life.” As a child refugee, Achut’s life was full of hope. Hope for a new day. Hope to see her friends again. Hope for a life. Coming to America was her definition of success and a life, and she wasn’t going to fail.

Her book, “Don’t Look Back,” tells the story of her journey as a “Lost Boy”, traveling from south Sudan to America, and the hardships that being a refugee in a new country brings. Check out her book on Amazon or any major retailer.

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