by Scott Allsop

October 29, 2019 2:05 pm

The ‘on this day in history’ podcast, with a new episode every single day. Featuring historical events that range from the Roman Empire to the World Wide Web, HistoryPod proves that there is always something to be remembered ‘on this day’. Written and presented by Scott Allsop, creator of the award-winning www.mrallsophistory.com Raleigh had been found guilty of treason for his involvement in the Main Plot that sought to depose Elizabeth’s successor James I and replace him with his cousin Arabella …


29th October 1618: Sir Walter Raleigh beheaded for treason against James I in the Main Plot 2 weeks ago
28th October 1962: Cuban Missile Crisis ends with USSR’s agreement to remove missiles 3 weeks ago
27th October 1988: Ronald Reagan halts construction of the new US embassy in Moscow 3 weeks ago
26th October 1860: Garibaldi hands southern Italy to Victor Emmanuel II 3 weeks ago
25th October 1940: Benjamin O. Davis Sr. becomes first black general in the US military 3 weeks ago
24th October 1929: Wall Street Crash begins on ‘Black Thursday’ 3 weeks ago
23rd October 1911: Italian Carlo Piazza pilots the first aircraft to be used in war 3 weeks ago
22nd October 1895: Granville-Paris express train crashes through a wall in Paris 3 weeks ago
21st October 1966: 144 people killed in the Aberfan disaster 4 weeks ago
20th October 1935: Mao Zedong’s Red Army finishes the Long March 4 weeks ago
19th October 202 BCE: Roman Republic defeats Carthage at the Battle of Zama 4 weeks ago
18th October 1922: British Broadcasting Company established 4 weeks ago
17th October 1933: Einstein moves to the USA after Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany 4 weeks ago
16th October 1793: The Execution of Marie Antoinette 1 month ago
15th October 1764: Edward Gibbon first considers The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 1 month ago
14th October 1066: Battle of Hastings fought on Senlac Hill 1 month ago
13th October 1792: Cornerstone laid for the White House 1 month ago
12th October 1810: First Oktoberfest held in Munich 1 month ago
11th October 1975: Saturday Night Live is broadcast for the first time 1 month ago
10th October 1903: Foundation of Women’s Social & Political Union 1 month ago
9th October 1410: The Prague Astronomical Clock first noted in a medieval document 1 month ago
8th October 1829: Robert Stephenson’s locomotive Rocket wins the Rainhill Trials 1 month ago
7th October 1879: Germany and Austria Hungary form the Dual Alliance 1 month ago
6th October 1981: Egyptian President Anwar Sadat assassinated by terrorists 1 month ago
5th October 1936: The Jarrow March departs for London 1 month ago
4th October 1582: Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII 1 month ago
3rd October 1918: Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria comes to the throne 1 month ago
2nd October 1187: Saladin captures Jerusalem from Crusaders 1 month ago
1st October 1949: Mao Zedong declares the establishment of the People’s Republic of China 2 months ago
30th September 1967: BBC Radio 1 begins broadcasting 2 months ago
29th September 1829: The Metropolitan Police begins operating in London 2 months ago
28th September 1928: Penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming 2 months ago
27th September 1590: Pope Urban VII dies, ending the the shortest papal reign in history 2 months ago
26th September 1923: Germany ends the strikes in the Ruhr 2 months ago
25th September 1956: Inauguration TAT-1, the first transatlantic telephone cable 2 months ago
24th September 1946: ‘Containment’ first suggested in a US report 2 months ago
23rd September 1338: First naval battle with artillery takes place in the Hundred Years’ War 2 months ago
22nd September 1980: Iraq-Iran war begins 2 months ago
21st September 1915: Cecil Chubb, Stonehenge’s last private owner, wins it at auction 2 months ago
20th September 1066: Harald Hardrada wins Battle of Fulford 2 months ago
19th September 1879: The Blackpool Illuminations turned on for the first time 2 months ago
18th September 1931: Manchurian Crisis begins after Japanese bomb 2 months ago
17th September 1859: Joshua Norton declares himself Norton I, Emperor of the United States 2 months ago
16th September 1978: Filming begins on Monty Python’s Life of Brian 2 months ago
15th September 1830: William Huskisson killed on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway 2 months ago
14th September 1814: USA’s national anthem lyrics written as the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry” 2 months ago
13th September 1501: Michelangelo begins work on his statue of David 2 months ago
12th September 1919: Hitler joins the German Workers Party 2 months ago
11th September 1789: Alexander Hamilton appointed US Secretary of the Treasury 2 months ago
10th September 1989: Hungary allows East Germans into Austria 2 months ago
9th September 1956: Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show 2 months ago
8th September 1888: First ever Football League matches take place 2 months ago
7th September 1940: The Nazi German Luftwaffe launches The Blitz 2 months ago
6th September 1972: Olympic athletes killed in the Munich massacre 2 months ago
5th September 1793: The Reign of Terror begins in France 2 months ago
4th September 1957: Black students denied entry to Little Rock High School 2 months ago
3rd September 1783: Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolutionary War 2 months ago
2nd September 1666: Great Fire of London starts in Pudding Lane 2 months ago
1st September 1604: The Sikh Adi Granth first installed at the Golden Temple 3 months ago
31st August 1907: The Anglo-Russian Entente is signed, forming the Triple Entente 3 months ago
31st August 2019: Goodbye from HistoryPod 3 months ago
30th August 1963: The Moscow-Washington hotline enters operation 3 months ago
29th August 1842: The First Opium War ends when Britain and China sign the Treaty of Nanking 3 months ago
28th August 1955: The murder of black teenager Emmett Till in Mississippi 3 months ago
27th August 1883: The eruption of Krakatoa 3 months ago
26th August 1789: Adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man in France 3 months ago
25th August 1875: Captain Matthew Webb becomes the first person to swim the English Channel 3 months ago
24th August 1967: Abbie Hoffman throws money inside the NY Stock Exchange 3 months ago
23rd August 1944: King Michael of Romania leads a coup d’etat against Ion Antonescu 3 months ago
22nd August 1791: Start of the Haitian Revolution in the French colony of Saint-Domingue 3 months ago
21st August 1959: Hawaii becomes the 50th state of the USA 3 months ago
20th August 1940: Leon Trotsky attacked with an ice axe in Mexico 3 months ago
19th August 1989: The Pan-European Picnic opens the Cold War border between Hungary and Austria 3 months ago
18th August 1920: Ratification of the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees female suffrage 3 months ago
17th August 1836: Parliament passes the 1836 Marriage Act, allowing non-Anglican ceremonies 3 months ago
16th August 1858: Queen Victoria sends the first transatlantic telegram 3 months ago
15th August 1914: The Panama Canal officially opened with the transit of SS Ancon 3 months ago
14th August 1941: Roosevelt and Churchill issue the Atlantic Charter 3 months ago
13th August 1876: The premiere of Wagner’s complete Ring cycle takes place in Germany 3 months ago
12th August 1969: The Battle of the Bogside begins in Derry, Northern Ireland 3 months ago
11th August 3114 BCE: Start of the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar 3 months ago
10th August 1793: The Louvre museum in Paris opens to the public for the first time 3 months ago
9th August 1173: Construction begins on the Leaning Tower of Pisa 3 months ago
8th August 1969: The Beatles pose for an album cover on the Abbey Road zebra crossing 3 months ago
7th August 1909: Alice Ramsey makes the first female transcontinental car journey 3 months ago
6th August 1890: William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by electric chair 3 months ago
5th August 1305: William Wallace captured by English troops at Robroyston 3 months ago
4th August 1693: Dom Pérignon supposedly invents champagne 3 months ago
3rd August 1936: Jesse Owens wins his first gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics 3 months ago
2nd August 216 BCE: Hannibal defeats the Roman army at the Battle of Cannae 4 months ago
1st August 1714: George, Elector of Hanover, becomes King George I of Great Britain 4 months ago
31st July 1970: Black Tot Day ends the Royal Navy’s daily rum ration 4 months ago
30th July 1792: La Marseillaise first sung in Paris 4 months ago
29th July 1567: James VI crowned King of Scotland aged 13 months 4 months ago
28th July 1914: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 4 months ago
27th July 1942: Allies halt Axis in First Battle of El Alamein 4 months ago
26th July 1745: First ever women’s cricket match played near Guildford 4 months ago
25th July 1965: Bob Dylan goes electric at the Newport Folk Festival 4 months ago
24th July 1911: Machu Picchu ‘rediscovered’ by US explorer Hiram Bingham III 4 months ago
23rd July 1914: Austria-Hungary presents ultimatum to Serbia 4 months ago
22nd July 1992: Pablo Escobar escapes from the luxury La Catedral prison 4 months ago
21st July 1970: Construction of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt is completed 4 months ago
20th July 1807: The world’s first internal combustion engine is patented in France 4 months ago
19th July 1799: Discovery of the Rosetta Stone reported in Egypt 4 months ago
18th July 1976: Nadia Comăneci scores the first ever Olympic gymnastic ‘perfect 10’ 4 months ago
17th July 1918: Romanov family shot dead by the Bosheviks 4 months ago
16th July 622: Start date of the Islamic calendar 4 months ago
15th July 1834: The Spanish Inquisition disbanded 4 months ago
14th July 1881: American outlaw Billy the Kid shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett 4 months ago
13th July 1985: Live Aid is watched by 1.9 billion people 4 months ago
12th July 1561: The consecration of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow 4 months ago
11th July 1962: World’s first satellite TV broadcast using Telstar 4 months ago
10th July 1940: The Vichy government established in France 4 months ago
9th July 1877: First Wimbledon Championship begins in London 4 months ago
8th July 1947: Roswell Army Air Base reports ‘flying disc’ debris 4 months ago
7th July 1928: Sliced bread goes on sale for the first time 4 months ago
6th July 1947: The Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle goes into production in the USSR 4 months ago
5th July 1948: The National Health Service launched in the UK 4 months ago
4th July 1862: Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) first tells the story of Alice in Wonderland 4 months ago
3rd July 1938: Mallard sets world speed record for steam locomotives 5 months ago
2nd July 1881: American President James A. Garfield shot by Charles J. Guiteau 5 months ago
1st July 1903: First Tour de France cycling race takes place 5 months ago
30th June 1937: World’s first emergency telephone number began operating in London 5 months ago
29th June 2008: Apple release the iPhone 5 months ago
28th June 1880: Australian outlaw Ned Kelly arrested following a violent shoot out 5 months ago
27th June 1905: Russian sailors mutiny on the battleship Potemkin 5 months ago
26th June 1974: World’s first barcode scanned on a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum 5 months ago
25th June 1876: Battle of Little Bighorn & Custer’s Last Stand 5 months ago
24th June 1812: Napoleon begins his failed invasion of Russia 5 months ago
23rd June 1314: Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn 5 months ago
22nd June 1948: MV Empire Windrush arrives at Tilbury Docks in London from Jamaica 5 months ago
21st June 1919: The German High Seas naval fleet is scuttled at Scapa Flow 5 months ago
20th June 1756: British prisoners locked in the ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’ 5 months ago
19th June 1978: Garfield cartoon strip first published 5 months ago
18th June 1887: Germany and Russia sign the secret Reinsurance Treaty 5 months ago
17th June 1885: Statue of Liberty arrives in New York from France 5 months ago
16th June 1846: Pope Pius IX begins the longest ever reign of a Catholic Pope 5 months ago
15th June 1215: King John agrees to Magna Carta by adding his seal 5 months ago
14th June 1645: The Battle of Naseby fought in the English Civil War 5 months ago
13th June 1944: First V-1 ‘Doodlebug’ flying bomb attack on London 5 months ago
12th June 1987: Ronald Reagan calls on Mikhail Gorbachev to ‘Tear down this wall!’ 5 months ago
11th June 1837: Broad Street Riot breaks out in Boston, MA 5 months ago
10th June 1924: Italian politician Matteotti kidnapped and murdered by Fascists 5 months ago
9th June 1815: The ‘Final Act’ of the Congress of Vienna signed 5 months ago
8th June 793: Viking raiders attack Lindisfarne in Northumbria 5 months ago
7th June 1628: Petition of Right ratified by King Charles I 5 months ago
6th June 1822: ‘Father of Gastric Physiology’ William Beaumont first treats Alexis St Martin 5 months ago
5th June 1967: Start of the Arab-Israeli Six Day War 5 months ago
4th June 1920: Treaty of Trianon signed with Hungary after the First World War 5 months ago
3rd June 1989: Start of the Tiananmen Square massacre 6 months ago
2nd June 1962: Chile and Italy meet in the World Cup’s violent ‘Battle of Santiago’ 6 months ago
1st June 1967: The Beatles release Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 6 months ago
31st May 1981: Jaffna Public Library in Sri Lanka burnt down during a violent attack 6 months ago
30th May 1431: Joan of Arc executed by burning at the stake 6 months ago
29th May 1953: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach summit of Mount Everest 6 months ago
28th May 1987: West German amateur pilot lands a plane near Red Square 6 months ago
27th May 1703: The foundation of St Petersburg by Tsar Peter the Great 6 months ago
26th May 1897: Bram Stoker’s gothic horror novel Dracula published 6 months ago
25th May 1977: The first Star Wars film is released in cinemas 6 months ago
24th May 1956: 1st Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Switzerland 6 months ago
23rd May 1618: Officials thrown from a window in the Second Defenestration of Prague 6 months ago
22nd May 1455: Wars of the Roses begin at the Battle of St Albans 6 months ago
21st May 1972: Laszlo Toth attacks and seriously damages Michelangelo’s Pietà statue 6 months ago
20th May 1873: Levi Strauss & Co. patent riveted blue jeans 6 months ago
19th May 1919: Mustafa Kemal arrives in Samsun and begins the Turkish War of Independence 6 months ago
18th May 1291: Siege of Acre signals end of Crusader influence 6 months ago
17th May 1943: Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron carries out the ‘Dambusters’ raids 6 months ago
16th May 1966: Start of the Cultural Revolution in China 6 months ago
15th May 1940: The first McDonald’s restaurant opened in San Bernadino, California 6 months ago
14th May 1796: Edward Jenner vaccinates against smallpox 6 months ago
13th May 1950: First #Formula1 World Championship Grand Prix race at Silverstone 6 months ago
12th May 1949: Stalin lifts the Berlin Blockade 6 months ago
11th May 868: The world’s earliest dated printed book created in China 6 months ago
10th May 1941: Rudolf Hess secretly flies to Scotland to seek peace 6 months ago
9th May 1671: Colonel Thomas Blood attempts to steal the Crown Jewels 6 months ago
8th May 1945: Victory in Europe Day after Germany surrenders 6 months ago
7th May 1915: RMS Lusitania sunk by the German U-Boat, U-20 6 months ago
6th May 1937: The Hindenburg airship disaster in New Jersey 6 months ago
5th May 1912: Russian Communist newspaper Pravda first published 6 months ago
4th May 1932: Al Capone imprisoned for income tax evasion 7 months ago
3rd May 1915: John McCrae composes the war poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ 7 months ago
2nd May 1952: World’s first passenger jet plane takes off from London 7 months ago
1st May 1776: The forerunner of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt 7 months ago
30th April 1803: America doubles in size having concluded the Louisiana Purchase 7 months ago
29th April 1587: Singeing the King of Spain’s Beard 7 months ago
28th April 1923: Wembley Stadium opens with West Ham v Bolton Wanderers 7 months ago
27th April 1906: The Russian Empire’s State Duma meets for the first time 7 months ago
26th April 1937: Guernica is bombed by the Nazi Condor Legion 7 months ago
25th April 404 BCE: Sparta defeats Athens in the Peloponnesian War 7 months ago
24th April 1916: Ernest Shackleton sets sail in the James Caird 7 months ago
23rd April 1516: The Reinheitsgebot beer purity law first introduced in Bavaria 7 months ago
22nd April 1915: Chlorine gas marks start of 2nd Battle of Ypres 7 months ago
21st April 1918: Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shot down and killed 7 months ago
20th April 1965: Windows of the Houston Astrodome painted to stop glare 7 months ago
19th April 1839: The Treaty of London establishes an independent Belgium 7 months ago
18th April 1775: Paul Revere’s Ride signals American Revolution 7 months ago
17th April 1961: The Bay of Pigs invasion launched by Brigade 2506 7 months ago
16th April 1922: Treaty of Rapallo signed by Germany and Russia 7 months ago
15th April 1989: 96 Liverpool fans killed in the Hillsborough Disaster 7 months ago
14th April 1561: Nuremberg Celestial Phenomenon terrifies residents 7 months ago
13th April 1919: British troops commit the Amritsar Massacre 7 months ago
12th April 1945: Harry Truman becomes president of the USA 7 months ago
11th April 1950: Stone of Scone rediscovered 4 months after its disappearance 7 months ago
10th April 1858: The ‘Big Ben’ bell cast in Whitechapel 7 months ago
9th April 1767: John Hancock forcibly removes British customs officials from his ship 7 months ago
8th April 1904: France and Britain sign the Entente Cordiale 7 months ago
7th April 1141: Matilda declared the ‘Lady of England and Normandy’ 7 months ago
6th April 1917: The USA declares war on Germany in WW1 7 months ago
5th April 1951: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sentenced to death for spying 7 months ago
4th April 1925: Adolf Hitler orders the establishment of the SS 8 months ago
3rd April 1860: The first Pony Express service went into operation 8 months ago
2nd April 1977: Red Rum wins an unprecedented third Grand National horse race 8 months ago
1st April 1924: Hitler found guilty of treason for the Beer Hall Putsch 8 months ago
31st March 1909: The end of the Bosnian Crisis 8 months ago
30th March 1939: Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27 8 months ago
29th March 1974: Discovery of the Terracotta Army in Xi’an 8 months ago
28th March 1871: Paris Commune meets for the first time 8 months ago
27th March 1915: Typhoid Mary placed in permanent quarantine in New York 8 months ago
26th March 1945: Battle of Iwo Jima officially ends 8 months ago
25th March 1306: Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scots 8 months ago
24th March 1721: Bach dedicates the Brandenburg Concertos 8 months ago
23rd March 1806: The Lewis and Clark Expedition begins its return journey 8 months ago
22nd March 1621: Hugo Grotius escapes prison by hiding in a book chest 8 months ago
21st March 1921: The New Economic Policy introduced to the USSR by Vladimir Lenin 8 months ago
20th March 1890: Wilhelm II formally accepts Bismarck’s resignation 8 months ago