Stories the Way I Remember Them – The Stories of Noah Helmuth

Stories the Way I Remember Them – The Stories of Noah Helmuth


Noah Helmuth was born into an amish community in central Illinois in the 1920’s. He grew up a farmer, left the amish church, started a business and travelled throughout the midwest and midatlantic region of the US as a minister. In 2019 I sat down with my grandpa and interviewed him over several days about the stories of his life. This podcast is his stories…the way he remembers them. Sadly, Noah died on January 12, 2021. I’m posting this podcasts as my memorial to him so that others can hear the stories that he loved to tell. I love you grandpa and I miss you.

Hello. My name is Paul Helmuth, and this podcast is a special series for me, because it’s a podcast where my grandfather tells the stories of his life, the way he remembers it.

My grandpa was born in the 1920’s and grew up in the Amish community just outside Arthur, IL. He died on January 12, 2021.

In this episode grandpa tells a story about a prank he and one of his best friends Joni Plank were a part of, how getting kicked by a colt leaves a mark, another story about one of the pony’s named Perry, and his very first buggy.

Grandpa also talks about working on the Fred Kauffman’s farm and then working for George Marner at the sorghum mill.

How did you buy an item that you needed? Grandpa needed a new wedding suit…

Thank you again for listening and if you enjoyed the podcast, don’t forget to follow it and join me the next time for more stories of Noah Helmuth.

Have a great day.

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