Stories in Our Roots with Heather Murphy

Stories in Our Roots with Heather Murphy


Many people consider genealogy an interesting and fun hobby, but it can be so much more than that. Stories in Our Roots, hosted by empowerment coach and genealogist Heather Murphy, goes beyond suggesting genealogy as interesting hobby. It dives deep into specific ways knowing our ancestors can help us better understand ourselves, loved ones and even the world around us. You will be inspired to look at family history differently, as more than adding names and dates to a family tree. Come listen to the experiences of people whose lives have been impacted in meaningful ways by learning the Stories in Our Roots.

Oftentimes when people research in their family history they’re looking for inspiration. They’re looking for ancestors who did hard things, who were successful, and who can inspire them in their own struggles and what they want to achieve in life. That is what David Alston found.

David was adopted as an infant, though the story is complicated, as you will hear in this episode. But as he learned about his birth family he discovered he was related to Harriet Tubman. Knowing how she lived her life, and that he had a blood connection to her, inspired David to what his purpose in life could be and how he could move forward in helping other people live their own.

About David Alston:

David Alston has over thirty-five years of experience as an educator, motivational speaker and public figure. David is the 3rd cousin of Harriet Tubman. He has dedicated his life to helping others to live a free and better life. David is the host of The Underground Subway, which is a podcast that focuses on discussing the issues and strategies that will lead to freedom and a better way of life. David is the author of “Blood, Sweat and Cheers… The roadmap to success” and “Son of Another Mother… The Struggle of Adoption.” David has a strong passion for motivating others to survive and achieve their purpose.

Connect with him on Facebook @BishopDavidAlston

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