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Preserving family history is an ancient tradition. However, it has fallen out of the mainstream. Even in our technologically advanced world and low barriers to entry, most people do not take the time to have meaningful conversations with their family and document it for future generations. Let’s Reminisce is a podcast that seeks to show people the power of this type of history, which can change how you see family, and yourself. Through narrative-driven stories and interviews with his family, friends, and guests, host Rick Brewer explains how recording family history can change your life. We’re supported by premium members and generous one-time donations. Let’s Reminisce is a Brewhaha Audio Production. Learn more at letsreminiscepodcast.orgor email hello@letsreminiscepodcast.org


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Have you ever taken out all of your family memories, papers, photographs, home movies, keepsakes, and scattered them across a table hoping to organize it all? Some of the first questions you might have asked yourself are: Where do I even begin? How do I organize all of this stuff? What is the end result? How will I find what I need in the future?

On today’s episode, Rick welcomes archivist and historian Margot Note to the podcast to help people create their own family archives and make sense of all their precious family information.

Let’s Reminisce is an independent podcast from Brewhaha Audio Productions. Rick Brewer is the host and producer. Our show art comes from Rachel Murawski. Music in this episode comes from Blue Dot Sessions.

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