Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People

Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People


Take your ancestors from names on paper to multidimensional people who lived, breathed, loved, lost, and helped you to be who you are. Benefit from 40+ years of experience in folklore, history, genealogy, law, and tools of FamilySearch, Ancestry, and more. I learn from my many mistakes, I teach from those lessons. I interview genealogists and authors. I discuss Reparational Genealogy – how Anglo- or European-American researchers can assist African-American researchers in restoring connections destroyed by centuries of chattel slavery. I even give recipes from ancestral meals in the Family Cookbook episodes. And if YOU want to be interviewed, let me know!

Today’s episode is a Family Cookbook episode that I’ve wanted to make for quite a while. It features two of my favorite foods from the area where I went to college (and where MANY of my ancestors lived for over a century) – Deep Fried Biscuits and Homemade Apple Butter, from Indiana. See the shownotes for the recipes.

The part of the apple butter recipe that fascinates me is that my mother’s mother would have gone through all of the boiling and sealing of jars as a child and teenager, basically the whole canning process, and by the time she died she was using a microwave. We’re never that far from history and continual evolution, even in the kitchen.

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Let’s get cooking!

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