100 Years of Cox

100 Years of Cox


I am telling the story of ten siblings from the Machell Cox family, through the letters they wrote to each other. They were born in England between 1868 and 1884; seven of them lived in England and three lived abroad, in the Colonies. One of the siblings was my great grandfather.

This episode is all about the funeral procession of Edward VII in May 1910, as winessed by the Machell Cox siblings, through handwritten family letters, read by Frances.

Vera again demonstrates how she is a great letter writer, and Bernard’s annotations, after WW1, were unexpected.

Does anyone know any more about the King’s little dog Caesar? How much of the procession did he walk in? Frances would love to know.

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0:00 Intro
7:35 Kings and Queens
11:50 Vera’s letter, 21st May 1910
26:02 Notes on Vera’s letter
37:10 Other sibling accounts

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