1919: The Year of Race Riots and Revolts

1919: The Year of Race Riots and Revolts

by Jamie Baker

October 23, 2019 4:00 am

June 1919 was a time when white mobs attacked Black people and their families in Port Cities across Britain, our central focus are the events in Wales but to tell that story and to understand why upon their return home ex-serviceman led these brutal attacks and the Government did nothing to stop them, we will be looking at the events across the world in 1919. This was the year when the British Empire truly collapsed, the Government thought it would loose control to a Bolshevik uprising, Black people across America were attacked and lynched by the mob and America enshrined into its ideology a position on Communism (or as it say it Bolshevism).To tell that story we will journey across the world looking at events from the Glasgow general strike to the Amritsar Massacre in the Indian Punjab, the student uprisings in China, Bolshevik revolts across Europe to massacres in South African mines. 1919 changed the face of the world and the Allies that won World War One were afraid but was that the reason they allowed Black people to be attacked and murdered, and did that shape Government policies towards them ever since.We will tell that story, interviewing experts, affected families and discussing documents now released by Government.We want people to contact us to help us tell their stories. World affairs are always political but we will try to be neutral in relation to political and religious positions, that is only fair as our project is funded by Heritage Lottery here in Wales. This podcast is supported by our YouTube channel 1919 Race Riots The Year of Revolt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbUThGBjQ8JsKtDCx85iWYA The British Soldiers were angry at not being demobilised but they were not the only ones. Canadian soldiers were also very angry at not being sent home and this anger led to at least 2 major riots. The first in Kinmel Bay in Wales and then in Epsom, Surrey where a police officer was killed.


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