Under the Crossbones The Pirate Podcast

Under the Crossbones The Pirate Podcast


Join comedian and pirate Nick Hoffman as he explores the history and pop culture of pirates. Deep dive interviews with the most interesting people in the pirate community who bring the history and stories to life. Actors, treasure hunters, musicians, historians, and more. From Blackbeard to Black Sails, Jack Sparrow to Jack Rackham… Under The Crossbones is loaded with colorful characters who will take you away from your day to day and drag you happily out to sea.

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The Pyrate Round is a Youtube Channel and a Facebook page that shares pyrate information for pirates. This page was created by the super delightful Thomas and Delaney Anderson. The page includes information like a daily post on “This day in pirate history,” rum reviews and pirate history.

In this episode:

– Thomas and Delaney share how they came up with the name for their pages
– We talk about how they created their opening stop motion animation sequence
– How they helped put a few rums on the map in their area

Under The Crossbones is a podcast all about pirate culture. Your host Nick Hoffman (comedian and pirate) interviews the most interesting people in the pirate subculture: Actors, Authors, Historians, Musicians, Artists, Festival Founders, Clothing and Prop Designers, Treasure Hunters, Archaeologists, and more.

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