Rush Hour History

Rush Hour History

by George Perrine

October 25, 2019 12:11 pm

In “Rush Hour History” amateur historian George Perrine provides the opportunity to escape the monotony of rush hour traffic, gridlock, and daily routine with an exit to the more fascinating elements of history. Attempting to capture the magic of years past along with an emphasis on military theory, the darker fringes of history will be brought to the forefront in a fresh, unique attempt at storytelling. Bloodletting, betrayal, and dynastic purging it’s all the entertainment of a hit HBO series brought straight to you on your commute. We’re all getting diagnosed with a case of Imperial ADD after this episode. Gothic invasions, diplomatic meltdowns, and construction mismanagement that turns into a dining room massacre. It’s a precarious situation for Procopius and for any invader that crosses the Rhine on this week’s episode of RHH. 


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