Unverified Claims

Unverified Claims


Welcome to Unverified Claims!The drunken podcast where the weirdos get together and share Myths, Folklore and Urban Legends from around the world! Feel free to drink along with your hosts Adam Stocker, Leo St. James and Sarah Constable!

Down a shot of Horin Gekkeikan Sake and grab a glass of Fu-Ki plum wine and settle in as Leo tells us just a few stories about some odd wives with some even odder secrects. Although there are not catfights in these folktales some feathers will be ruffled.

Disclaimer: Listener Discretion is Advised

Drink: Horin Gekkeikan Sake and Fu-Ki plum wine

Cover Art: Kendra Boblett

Music: Shaun Frearson

Instagram: @unverifiedclaims

Gmail: unverifiedclaimsthepodcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @UVClaims

Blog: https://unverifiedclaimsthepodcast.blogspot.com/

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