Rising from Obscurity: The Greatest Story Never Heard

Rising from Obscurity: The Greatest Story Never Heard


Rising from Obscurity: The Greatest Story Never Heard features a new, upcoming historical fantasy novel, Rising from Dust, written by R.M. Grant a 23 year-old independent author. She narrates her novel in 30 min episodes with sneak peeks into her writing, goofy stories, and details of her overall roller coaster of a ride publishing her first book. With romance, adventure, magic, and comedy, its the ultimate podcast for book lovers everywhere!

Hello lovely readers and listeners! Warning: You may hate me by the end of this episode but I don’t care because Taylor Swift is going to release a new album. Your hate is automatically overcome by her awesomeness. This week we listen to Chapter 57 and 58… be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster of an episode. To balance out the crisis that Annabeth is undergoing and the one I will be undergoing next week, I discuss my weekend filled with ghosts, hot pot, and drag queens. Also my name is not Rachel. Its Marcia according to a pregnant lady from the ghetto.

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Narrated by: R.M. Grant
Edited By: R.M. Grant
Music: M87 by Caleb Etheridge

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