War and Peace in just 7 years (WAPIN7)

War and Peace in just 7 years (WAPIN7)


“My Dad Wrote a Porno but Russia, no porno, and dad is Leo Tolstoy” – a new comedy podcast that’ll make you smarter and stupider at the same time. Join us as we discover what makes WAP one of the greatest books of all time. If you’ve never read War and Peace, you’ve pretended to have read it, or you have read it (but only partially understood it) – this is the podcast for you. With one episode a week it’ll only take 7 years to shut the cover once and for all. Trust us, we did the maths. Subscribe now, more on WAPIN7.com WAPIN7 #WAPIN7

Legend tells of a powerful and mysterious woman, raised by wild pigs in the Siberian mountains, she has learnt that ice and fire are the inseparable sisters of survival.

The story foretells that she will appear only in the most unusual of circumstances – it must be a glorious name day, there must be an organised dining event the like of which Russia has never seen, and there must be the powerful stench of shame.

It is said she will come and feed on the shame, turning its cold ice into the warm glow of humiliation with just the flick of her forked tongue.

Join us this week, if you dare.


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