The Tower

The Tower


A young woman leaves behind her isolated, suffocating existence to climb The Tower, an abandoned relic of a forgotten age, built by a proud king who wanted to rule the sky as well as the land. It stretches up into the sky, through the smog. An experimental audio drama series from Tin Can Audio.

Official Selection – Miami Web Series Festival 2022

Official Selection – Apulia Web Fest 2022

Official Selection – New Jersey Web Festival 2022

Official Selection – Minnesota WebFest 2022

Official Selection – New Zealand WebFest 2022


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‘I think once you realise you’ve been wrong about something about yourself you were so sure about, you start wondering what else you’ve been wrong about.’


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Katrina Allen as Kiri

David Pellow as Chris

Karim Kronfli as Professor Laurie

Written, scored and edited by David Devereux

Executive produced by Ella Watts

Artwork by Sarah Grant

Supported by Creative Scotland


Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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