Beings of the Galaxy

Beings of the Galaxy


A Beyond the Outer Rim Holomag production hosted by holojournalist La’Nis Locke, Beings of the Galaxy tells the stories of the everyday people in our galaxy far, far away.

*Please Note: Beings of the Galaxy is a non-profit fan podcast, inspired by the events that take place in the Star Wars universe; this podcast does not act as a substitution for any canonical facts or events. We do not own nor claim to own any of the original Star Wars material referenced in this podcast.*

After leaving her family to go fight in the Rebellion, Nalleni Creath sends her son transmissions in an attempt to still parent him. But when his choices lead him down a path opposite hers, she questions if she made the right choice to leave him behind.

• Voice of Nalleni Creath: Amber Medina West (Twitter – @amberwest)
• Creator, Writer, Director and Voice of La’Nis Locke: Camila Cecile (IG – @_camilacecile_)
• Editor and Producer: Wafá Jaffal (IG – @wafa_edits)

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