The Reality Shaper: A Musical Podcast

The Reality Shaper: A Musical Podcast


One ordinary night in the Horseshoe Tavern, the bard goes off-script to entertain some drunkards with an epic tale – music, mystery, missing children, and one hero’s quest to save his beautiful city. But heroes and storytellers alike are about to find out that all is not as it seems in the idyllic, high-elven city of Cedrela. And, with a lightning-whitted, flirtatious, no-bullshit, trickster bard telling the tale, how could it be anything but a full-fledged, Broadway-style musical?

Guardsman Boris Dragonheart and his best friend Travis rush to stop the robbery of a mansion belonging to two of the Guard’s biggest benefactors. But Boris’s pursuit is halted when the robber unearths a secret dungeon beneath the house. With a promotion on the line, how will Boris handle the shocking discovery within?

Content Warning: This episode features some explicit language, a few intoxicated characters, the threat of child endangerment, and characters who occasionally make (quickly corrected) inaccurate assumptions about other characters’ genders.



– The Reality Shaper: A Musical Podcast is based on The Reality Shaper books by Sarah Kaufman and directed by Sarah Kaufman & Shane Dittmar. Book and Music by Sarah Kaufman & Shane Dittmar with Lyrics by Sarah Kaufman and Additional Lyrics by Shane Dittmar. Orchestrations and Music Direction by Shane Dittmar.
– The pilot features performances by Drew Coleman, Chloe Chappa, Jake Gluckman, Jimmy Schumacher, Kaylee Robinson, and Sarah Kaufman. Additional voices were provided by Natalie Myrick and Shane Dittmar.
– Special thanks to Angela Strauman, Chloe Chappa, Lucas Kaine, Kai Bonacorso, Kaitlin Dittmar, and Thomas Chappa.


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