On Top of Hooper’s Hill

On Top of Hooper’s Hill


Elusive troubadour/archivist Stormchaser and the people of Loup Loup negotiate ongoing mysteries in their isolated valley town. A large-ensemble podcast series with music. https://www.ontopofhoopershill.com

Finding words.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Stormchaser is played by John E Allis

Mayor Minor is played by Shaun Heard

Sergeant Mary-Anne O’Connell is played by Gustine Fudickar

Sally Langerhans is played by Ariel Barber

Janet Coons is played by Laura Gardner

Lawrence Schraeder is played by Adam Lebowitz-Lockard


Original songs written and performed by John E Allis, arranged by Bobby Werner

This episode also includes, from Audio Jungle…

Nature by NewLifeMusic (pitch shifted)

Sad Violin & Piano by GraemeOsborne

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