My Name Is Sheba

My Name Is Sheba


“My Name Is Sheba” is a fictional podcast about the creative life and the beautiful struggle. It chronicles the journey of iconic jazz/R&B artist Sheba Hawkins’s rise from obscurity to superstardom, and the music she created along the way. Narrated by Grammy award winning producer Monroe Jones, and based on the music of Kandace Springs, “My Name Is Sheba” is a different kind of story.

“My Name Is Sheba,” is the twice monthly fictional saga of iconic jazz/R&B artist, Sheba Hawkins, who rose from obscurity as an orphan, to superstardom, and the music she created along the way. It’s also about the creative life, and the beautiful struggle… a different kind of story.

“My Name Is Sheba” is written around the original music from the album of the same name, by singer/songwriter Kandace Springs. You can find “My Name Is Sheba” the album, and the podcast, wherever you listen. We suggest starting with episode one, and following along.

This chapter of My Name Is Sheba was written, recorded, and produced by me, Monroe Jones. The series is based on music from the album, My Name Is Sheba, by Kandace Springs, and can be found at Spotify, Apple, or wherever you stream music. Other original music in this episode is by Jason Donnelly, Tom Goldstein, Media Music Group, Humans Win, Michael Vignola, Anita Tatlow, biggrez, OKO, and Tencher Music, all of whom have royalty free music available at Storyblocks. That’s

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