We Should Split Up: Frightful Advice for Spooky People

We Should Split Up: Frightful Advice for Spooky People

by Hester Doyle

July 26, 2019 3:10 pm

We Should Split Up: Frightful Advice for Spooky People is an advice podcast broadcasting from Salem Cove, the 4-time (nonconsecutive) winner for Eeriest Mid-Sized Town in the Northeastern Coastal Region. Hester Doyle, your a-ghoulie aunt, answers real listener questions every Thursday with a rotating cabal of co-hosts, including Norm the werewolf in denial, Jeff the head in a box, Velveteen O’Hara the taxidermist, Sloane the zombie rights advocate, and Graven Hews the illustrated man (and part-time meteorologist). Submit your questions to frightadvice@gmail.com Logo art by Maya Renfro featuring public domain images from the British Library (jolly good place). In the thrilling conclusion of season 1, Norm and Mayor Caroline team up to find Hester Doyle, who’s gone missing right on the day she was foretold to be abducted by the beast from the sea! We Should Split Up will return with full episodes on August 15. In the meantime, we’ll release some bonus content in the weeks between. Submit your questions to frightadvice@gmail.com! Or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @frightadvice and send a message there. Please rate, review, subscribe, and share; We Should Split Up is available wherever your podcasts lurk and at www.frightadvice.com. ‚Äč If you are experiencing a crisis, please do not wait to hear from Hester to get help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. In this episode, Jeff Landale appears as Jeff the Head in a Box Tom Caiazza appears as Norm the Postman Duster Hoyle appears as himself Mayor Caroline appears as herself! Zak Rogoff appears as Zakkai the Fishnamer Donnie Riggs appears as the Beast from the Sea David Thompson appears as the narrator “Dear Agnes” written and performed by Donnie Riggs. Check out his band, Two Ton Twig! All fish names invented or researched by Zak Rogoff. Our lovely logo was created by Maya Renfro and our theme music is “Die in a Fire” by Menage A Garage, used with permission. Thanks guys! Play nice, ghoulies.

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