Parkdale Haunt

Parkdale Haunt


Ever since Judith’s lifelong best friend, Claire Sterback, inherited a house from a biological family she never knew, things have begun to change. Claire has begun to change. It isn’t just that the house is full of cryptic notebooks, ominous scribblings on the wall, and has a basement that is colder than it should be. It isn’t just that Claire abruptly up and left her live-in boyfriend and is now being stalked by a psychopathic realtor. Claire is… off. As she gets closer to a secret at the heart of the old house in the Toronto neighbourhood of Parkdale, she is also getting closer to losing herself. After Claire goes missing – with the help of co-worker-turned-friend-Owen – Judith vies to track her down, even if it means diving into a history that may have been better left untouched.

QUIETUS: final settlement (as of a debt).

“Glacial Lake Iroquois was a prehistoric proglacial lake that existed at the end of the last ice age approximately 13,000 years ago. The lake was essentially an enlargement of the present Lake Ontario that formed because the St. Lawrence River downstream from the lake was blocked by the ice sheet near the present Thousand Islands. The level of the lake was approximately 30 m (~100 ft) above the present level of Lake Ontario. The subsequent melting of the ice dam resulted in a sudden lowering of the lake to its present level […]. Two ancient shorelines in the Toronto area mark the existence of former glacial lakes. About 2 km inland from the shore, a ridge known as the Iroquois Shoreline can be discerned. The old shoreline runs west-east, running roughly parallel to Davenport Road just south of St. Clair Avenue West. Further east, the Scarborough Bluffs also formed part of the shoreline of the ancient lake.” (Wikipedia)

Remember your past. Walk until your legs give out, head out to where the shore used to be and wait by the edge. Watch the city lights under darkness. Think about what is to come. Remember where the water once was.

How do you prepare for the end?

Featuring the voices of:
Emily Kellogg as Claire
Alex Nursall as Judith
Ian Boddy as Owen
Jocelyn Dotta as Lydia
Amy Bowman as Tabitha
Kat Letwin as Anne
and Harlan Guthrie as The Ghost

CONTENT WARNINGS: Ghosts/the occult, alcohol, violence (described), death

Parkdale Haunt is an original podcast
Created and written by Alex Nursall and Emily Kellogg
Directed and produced by Alex Nursall
Engineering and sound design by Ian Boddy
Theme music by Phil Wright
Recorded at Pirate Toronto
Distributed by the Rogers Frequency Podcast Network

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