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Horror Fest ’22: Project Audion 23: The Whistler, “Man From the Morgue”

In this specially curated collection for Halloween 2022, we will be presenting a wide selection of old-time radio (and other) horror programs. For our seventh, we are proud to present a remake of a radio play that was broadcast only once, in 1952: THE WHISTLER, “Man From the Morgue”.

Appropriate to the Halloween month – but good anytime – Project Audion’s latest premiere is an episode of old time radio’s long-running (1942-1955) mystery anthology series, “The Whistler”. Over 700 episodes were originally broadcast, but we’re recreating one that doesn’t survive: “Man from the Morgue,” which aired January 13, 1952 and was since lost. Our coast-to-coast cast features outstanding performances all transcribed live via Zoom…

Jeff Billard in Massachusetts

Larry Groebe in Texas

Chris Hart in Florida

Kristen James, California

Ken Jeffries, California

John Mauldin, Tennessee

Rhiannon McAfee, Calfornia

Greg McAfee, Calfornia

Brad Oxnam, Tennessee

Sound patterns were performed by Ele Matelan in Illinois.

The show was directed by Jon Mauldin and produced by Larry Groebe.

(Orig. launched 10/8/21)

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