The Lost Tapes of History

The Lost Tapes of History


Imagine finding a stack of audio tapes containing the first few minutes of interviews and private conversations between England’s monarchs and some therapists, counsellors, officials and people really just trying to do their job. Imagine eavesdropping on their discussion and getting a glimpse of who they were as human beings. You don’t need to imagine. The Lost Tapes of History are here for the first time in…..well, history.

The date is September 1483. Richard’s two nephews, Edward and Richard have gone missing. He’s been hauled into the police station.

The Lost Tapes of History was created and written by Kerrie Fuller.

Richard III: Simon Topping – – T: @simonptopping

Officer: Zoe Browne – – T: @zobo_loco

Narrator: Fraser Fraser – – T: @fraserfraser123

Intro/Outro: Becky Reader

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Sound Disclaimer: The Lost Tapes of History was recorded remotely during lockdown in late 2020. As such, the actors used what equipment they had available and were limited by their location. This has resulted in variable audio quality although hopefully, it won’t stop your enjoyment of the podcast.

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