The Devolution of the Species

The Devolution of the Species


The uninquisitive Syms Covington, Darwin’s servant, recalls the HMS Beagle’s historical second voyage concentrating on all the wrong details. As FitzRoy sails the Beagle to Bahia, he starts to buckle under the pressure of being captain when some of his crew succumb to tropical disease and the memory of a departed colleague haunts him. Back on land, Darwin and Syms are given a guided tour of Rio and its surrounds by yet another priest with questionable morals, while Derbishire runs from the long arm of the admiralty‚Äôs accounts department. The Devolution of the Species was created by Cameron Gray, Abraham de Cugnac and George Corrigan. Written and directed by Abraham de Cugnac: Written and produced by Cameron Gray: With Original music by Matthew McCracken Syms Covington was played by Christopher Adams: Captain Robert FitzRoy by Ross Kernahan: Charles Darwin By Rupert Sadler: Father Bolga By Jordan Wilks: Captain Pringle Stokes by Piers Garnham: George Rowlett by Robert Killalay: Lieutenant Wickham by Richard Brabin: Arthur Mellersh by Richard Elliot: Sir Thomas Baker by Jonathan Oliver: Margaret by Evy Barry: The Matican by Matthew McHaffie Alexander Derbishire by Johny Gill: Cowper by Alastair Rennie: Charles Musters by Todd Pattinson: This episode was recorded by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio:

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