Mercy Street

Mercy Street


In a working class Boston neighborhood, a renowned sociologist recruits first rate doctors, social workers and lawyers to work under one roof serving this often neglected community. [itunes pic]
In a working class Boston neighborhood, doctors, lawyers and social workers are brought together by a renowned sociologist. Here, at The Mercy Street Human Service Consortium, these professionals will manage a challenging array of cases and their own often equally complicated personal lives. SERIES PILOT. As opening day grows near, Cole faces a growing list of obstacles –including his own self-doubt; Ben and Eli aid a young father being kept from his son; Carolyn rebels against the sub-standard clinic– and Dr. Greenberg. Cast in order of appearance: Jose Gonsalves as Bennett Shaw, Pat D’Alessio as Duncan Burroughs and Dr. Jack Greenberg, Atlas Hayes as Dr. Cole Cleveland and Leon Nixon; Kadian Clarke as Dr. Marianna Pullman and Shirelle Gates, Mark Mason as Eliodoro Moldanado, Mai Delapa as Dr. Carolyn Price, Sarah Jackson as The Girl, Christine McFadyen as Laurel Connor, Ethan Whitney as Miguel Mendosa, Judith Nelson Dilday as Ursula Nixon, Drew Gallagher as Oscar Jimenez, Keena Keel as Dean Bernadette Sutherland; Erin Fusco as Nosey Neighbor. Created by Beth Danesco. For additional credits including music and sound effects visit: All rights reserved, Beth Danesco, 2014

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