Kings of the Ring

Kings of the Ring


“Kings of the Ring” is a fictional re-telling of the 1980’s Wrestling Wars written and produced like an ensemble cable TV drama series.

Kings of the Ring is fictional wrestling saga inspired by the real life stories of the 1980’s, presented like a cable TV drama or a soap opera.

Previously on Kings of the Ring,

In an effort to become more mainstream, Julian Cain had the EWF wrestlers record a rap record to help battle starvation in Africa, Apollo Sampson made an immediate impact for All-South off Criss Stanley’s suggestion, and has been filling the void left by Burt Ironside’s son Michael Angel, and Leroy Brown injured his already hurt knee in a match.

After revealing to Charlie Gotch he wanted to retire, Buddy Melrose was promptly fired despite 30 years of friendship. Jimmy Buck had his first in-ring confrontation with a wrestler when Jesse James saved a woman for a post-match attack from Buck. In the dressing room, Jimmy tipped off Vladimir Rykoff about a movie opportunity for the newest Rocky movie.

After finding out Michael Angel was gay after Empire-Mania, Julian Cain scrapped any plans of Angel taking Thor’s spot as the face of the EWF, and Beau Riggs was moved into a mid-card program in Southeast Championship Wrestling with Beautiful Barry Lovelace and Miss Kitty by Booker, Jesse James.

Kings of the Ring is intended for mature audiences. Today’s episode would be rated MA for profanity, smoking, drug use, racist stereotyping dialogue and phrases done satirically, graphic sexual content, and tense sexual situations.

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“Kings of the Ring” is written and directed by @SteveTeTai. Sound Design and editing by Mana Sports Media. Voice characterization by Steve Te Tai with Guest Voice Actors RJ City and Cyrus Fees. For any questions or feedback email us at

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