The Sisters Dukhov – An Audio Drama

The Sisters Dukhov – An Audio Drama


In the mythical country of Erin, two sisters hunt down strange creatures and deal with supernatural problems.

The Sisters run into some ghostly activity in a theater, and a seemingly malevolent spirit targets a young actress.

Video Version:


Narrator, Maibe Dukhov, Tasha Rornikov – Hedgehog (Here)
Ide Dukhov, Extras – Allimiece (Here)
Tep, Extras – TheDrag0n100 (Here)
Emilie/Dodger – SnazzySloth (A Hermit)
Malcolm – Mr. Sir (Also a Hermit)

Music Credits:
“The Sisters Dukhov Intro” by TheDrag0n100
“Magical Interference” by Lucas (Here)

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