L’ruam Falls

L’ruam Falls


“Today’s forecast predicts: purple fire and bad advice.” L’ruam Falls’ favorite news anchors, Ghost and Holden, are hosting a new segment—an advice column, how exciting! Residents from all over our little city are just lining up to mail in their queries. Tune into L’ruam Falls News twice monthly for a chance to hear your question on the air!

There’s a new play in town and everyone’s rushing to get a ticket! Well, except for Ghost, who’s probably taking a nap somewhere.

Need some advice? Submit a letter to Ghost and Holden!


Content Warnings:

– Down talk
– Bullying
– Elbowing

Music by Maverick Hicks

Produced by Alex Achilles and Samuel Zeger


– Alex Achilles as Holden Icarus
– Samuel Zeger as Cornelius Ghost

Transcript: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1obIREaMiKQRrhK4P9AnyLwo_bCaRLNDe/view?usp=sharing

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