He Who Forsakes the Crown

He Who Forsakes the Crown


Prince Zayn De’Monté knows deep down that he’ll never be the hero of his own story. His story ended years ago, at age sixteen where he witnessed the death of his sister. It should’ve been him. So he’ll brush off the gossip mongers who say the worst, calling him evil, insane, possessed. He isn’t willing to live a life anymore, he’s surviving. So what is he supposed to do when a girl who looks like roses tells him that his life has meaning? Rediscover the nuances of love, war, and magic in Chapter 15 Studio’s first audio drama: He Who Forsakes the Crown. Updates every 4th of the month.

Zayn and Rilliane face each other, after merciless stubbornness from both parties.

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Episode Eighteen of He Who Forsakes the Crown contains materials from the following sources:

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