The year is 1997. Marzipan has just landed a job as a security guard on the set of a movie starring twin tweens, Lindsay and Sydney Lohan. When sinister things keep happening on set, Marzipan decides to investigate. But she soon realizes that getting more involved with the Lohans only spells double trouble. Lindsay – a 6-part audio noir – is the never-before-heard story of the making of The Parent Trap. It’s the story of how two twins became one. Transcripts available at

Trust no one but… yourself.

Transcript available at

Annie Fox as Marzipan
Amanda Centeno as The Intern
John Goodall as Fatherzipan
Jennifer Harlee Mitchell as Letter Reader
Luke Taylor as Polly
Nicole Klein as Nancy Meyers
Nate Rattner as Lennee
Gideon Salzman-Gubbay as F—ing Dave
Bill Theisen as Gauze
Eileen Veghte as Lindsay Lohan
Alex Genty-Waksberg as Jojo
Robert Boles as The Voice

Written by Alex Genty-Waksberg
Produced by Alex Genty-Waksberg, Hana Wuerker, Isabelle Platt, and Rachel Aronoff
Sound Design and Editing by Hana Wuerker
Music by Tree Palmedo

Website Development by Catherine Maldonado
Poster Design by Alex Kittle
Special thanks to Mark Holden for the Invisible Studios, West Hollywood

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